Our community kitchens are fully certified to cook on behalf of our partnering restaurants. The restaurant can then expand to a new part of town, a new city or even a new country; without the upfront costs and risks.

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When we partner with a restaurant, we train our chefs in their recipes and processes and optimise their menu for delivery. Once we have perfected the food, we scale it across our community kitchens.

One Livly community kitchen can accommodate up to ten different restaurant brands. The kitchen is always located close to where people live, ensuring the food is fresh when it arrives.

We partner with the delivery apps, so for the end-user, it is the restaurants brand that is visible.


Quality and order

The proprietary Livly tech is developed in tandem with our chefs. Our kitchen operating system gives complete order to the community kitchens from synchronizing logistics to empowering our chefs and partners.

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Reach new customers, and receive a cut of the sales, without having to cook the food.

If our culinary team believe your restaurant has the potential to scale, we go through a comprehensive onboarding process. This process ensures the menu is ready for delivery, that all staff is trained, and that produce is integrated into our supply chain. After the final signoff, you receive a monthly report- and the cash payout.

Already have a loyal takeaway customer base you want to keep? Our technology allows us to divide the city into different neighbourhoods and time-slots. You focus on your regulars- and we'll bring your food to the masses.

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