(Re)Discover your city.

Discover local merchants, always with a great deal attached. With the Livly app you get two for one deals on over 40 restaurants in Oslo. You buy a main dish, and we pay for your friend’s. Download and try today.

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Use the city - and save money

A total saving of NOK 29 000,- is inside the app, with new deals being added all the time.  


We are only getting started

Missing your favourite restaurant? Let us know and we will see to it. Every week new merchants are added, but the monthly fee will stay the same.

Sign up today and discover the city- with a great deal attached.


Buy One, Get One Free

When you download the app and register you get access to all our two for one offers on restaurants. You buy a main dish, and we pay for your friends'. Simply tap the offer you would like to use, let the staff enter their pin and the cheapest main dish is deducted from your bill. What joy!